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Landscape With a Twist

"Sandals and Lotion" watercolor painting

“Sandals and Lotion” watercolor painting by David Ralph

David Ralph’s latest painting “Sandals and Lotion” is one of his first tries at landscape painting. However, it is not purely a landscape. There is a subject focal point other than the landscape itself. Human activity in the form of sunbathers under a beach umbrella share the spotlight with the sunny beach scene. Also, the landscape is in David’s characteristic “geoformist” style whereby the overall geometric composition of the scene outweighs the individual details of its elements. Forms and details of the landscape bend toward their geometric form and composition overrules reality. The original painting is available in my Etsy shop.

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Zazzle Store

David is selling merchandise such as T-shirts, Pillows, Lampshades, iPhone cases, Coffee Mugs, Postcards and more at his online “marcoimage” Zazzle store. The store features imagery from many of his abstract paintings and designs with subjects such as music, nature, sports and the human figure. Stop on by for a visit!

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Play Ball!

debut-lowres David completed this contemporary sports painting titled “Debut” a few weeks back. In the painting, the Boston Red Sox are playing the Baltimore Orioles at historic Fenway Park. A minor league pitcher, Matt Barnes, making his major league debut, is brought in to face Orioles slugger, Chris Davis. He strikes him out on a high and outside fastball. Nostalgic elements from Fenway like Pesky Pole, the Green Monster, fans from the 1930s, and the famous scoreboard in left are featured in this artwork. The painting was a commissioned piece.

Painting Hanging on Set of “The Odd Couple”

Sport painting, "The Double Play", by David Ralph

Sport painting, “The Double Play”, by David Ralph

The new sitcom show “The Odd Couple” is part on CBS’ Thursday night TV lineup appearing at 8:30pm. David Ralph’s painting, titled “The Double Play”, is displayed as part of the set in the office of character Oscar Madison, who is a sportscaster in New York City. The new show is a new spin-off on the old, classic sitcom The Odd Couple, from the 70s. So, check out the show and look for the painting (shown on the right of the New Jersey Devils sport’s jersey).

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David Ralph, founder and owner of the imaging and conceptual company Marco Image & Concept, is a contemporary artist and illustrator who lives in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA. About ten years ago, David had a vision to create a series of abstract watercolor paintings that explored the female figure through curve, line, and a composition of varying shapes of color, value, and pattern. This exploration led to a distinctive style that has shaped David’s unique brand of painting and illustration since. In trying to describe and categorize his style of art, David Ralph has coined the term “Geoformism”. According to David, Geoformism is defined as a style of contemporary abstract art that focuses on the form of a subject (or object) and its underlying geometric essence. It contains elements of both geometric abstraction and figurative realism. Today, David continues to create abstract compositions of the female figure as well as other themes of interest such as nature, music, people and sports. home | about | gallery | prints | contact

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