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David Ralph painting titled "Bassline"David has just completed this new abstract music-themed painting titled “Bassline”. Description: A string bass player lays down the bass-line for a jazz standard in a club on Columbia Road. His fingers stroll easily down the neck of the bass as he smoothly plucks the strings in cool time. With his ear pressed close to his instrument, the bassist absorbs the notes of a B-flat scale into his soul with thorough feeling and intensity. The patrons at the small jazz club in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC are treated to a passionate musical performance. The painting is available at my Etsy shop.

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David is selling merchandise such as T-shirts, Pillows, Lampshades, iPhone cases, Coffee Mugs, Postcards and more at his online “marcoimage” Zazzle store. The store features imagery from many of his abstract paintings and designs with subjects such as music, nature, sports and the human figure. Stop on by for a visit!

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Saatchi Online

David’s original paintings are now available on SaatchiArt.com. SaatchiArt.com is an online version of the Saatchi Gallery, a London gallery for contemporary art. SaatchiArt.com aims to assist art collectors from around the globe in their search for contemporary artwork by emerging artists to purchase and collect.

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David Ralph, founder and owner of the imaging and conceptual company Marco Image & Concept, is a contemporary artist and illustrator who lives in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA. About ten years ago, David had a vision to create a series of abstract watercolor paintings that explored the female figure through curve, line, and a composition of varying shapes of color, value, and pattern. This exploration led to a distinctive style that has shaped David’s unique brand of painting and illustration since. In trying to describe and categorize his style of art, David Ralph has coined the term “Geoformism”. According to David, Geoformism is defined as a style of contemporary abstract art that focuses on the form of a subject (or object) and its underlying geometric essence. It contains elements of both geometric abstraction and figurative realism. Today, David continues to create abstract compositions of the female figure as well as other themes of interest such as nature, music, people and sports.

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