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David Ralph painting titled, "Waiting Lady"

David Ralph painting titled, “Waiting Lady”

Featured this week is the stylized contemporary painting titled, “Waiting Lady” by David Ralph. Completed in late 2013, this painting was created from a photograph that the artist took of a lovely woman (his very special, long-time girlfriend) in Colombia, South America. The photo was taken on the patio of a residence in Medellin, a city noted for its beautiful women, its eternal springtime weather, and its internationally-known flower festival. The inspiration for this painting, aside from the lovely lady, is the mustard-colored stucco wall that provides such a powerful and intriguing background. The intricate round, rustic table also presented inspiration for the artist and provided a wonderful contrast to the wall and the simplicity of the woman’s clothing. Prints of this painting are available on Imagekind. The original can be purchased on David Ralph’s Etsy shop.

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David Ralph, founder and owner of the imaging and conceptual company Marco Image & Concept, is a contemporary artist and illustrator who lives in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.

About ten years ago, David had a vision to create a series of abstract watercolor paintings that explored the female figure through curve, line, and a composition of varying shapes of color, value, and pattern. This exploration led to a distinctive style that has shaped David’s unique brand of painting and illustration since.

Today, David continues to create abstract compositions of the female figure as well as other themes of interest such as nature, music, people and sports. View David’s artist website at http://david-ralph.artistwebsites.com/.

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